Cydni's School of Dance - CSD

Q: Is every student required to be on your competition team?

A: NO, membership on our competition teams are not mandatory. Even though I have competition teams I still enjoy my family time. I still have time for my hobbies such as, fishing and deer hunting with my husband. Also, I enjoy weekends with my family on the lake. 

Q: Who teaches CSD classes? 

A: Mrs. Cydni teaches all the core classes, which include ballet, tap, and jazz. Mrs. Marisa teaches our competition teams. Mrs. Lauren teaches our advanced ballet and pointe classes along with Mrs. Cydni. All of our teachers have been accredited, studied with the Twin City Ballet Company, New York, Los Angeles, and well known professionals around the U.S.

Q: When can my child begin pointe?
A: Students are not ready for pointe work until after the age of 10 or 11. Also, they will only be able to begin pointe when the teacher feels their legs are strong enough, and they have correct body placement in regular ballet class. 

Q: Will I be able to observe my child during class?
A: We do not let parents sit in the studio to observe class. We do have observation monitors in the waiting room that offer viewing at all times. You can see how and what your dancer is learning, and most importantly how they are progressing in class. 

Q: What are your studio's qualifications? 
A: Almost every dance school offers ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and tumbling, but not all dance schools offer a solid foundation in technique and artistry. All of our instructors at CSD are accredited and certified. Our instructors increase the student's understanding of dance terms, rhythm, performance, picking up and retaining choreography, auditioning skills, and more. 

Q: Are the costumes and music age appropriate?
A: Yes, CSD uses ONLY age appropriate music and costumes.

Q: What are the "extra" expenses?
A: Students should have the proper apparel and shoes to meet our studio's dress code. There is a registration fee that is charged to hold your child's spot in the class, cover mailings, insurance, and to help with new music and equipment for the dance year. There is a production fee due in March. CSD's end of the year recital is more than a "recital", it is a production. You and your child can be proud to be part of our production. CSD parents can clearly see where their production fee payment is used at our recital. CSD rents a large venue and various beautiful backdrops, builds props, and hires backstage workers and janitorial service to create a wonderful production. 

Q: Why do you have a recital? 
A: The chance to perform is a satisfying and informative experience for the student and their family. Three to four months before the recital a portion of your child's class is devoted to the preparation of this special event. However, our instructors will continue to teach technique, terms, and showmanship during recital preparation.  



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