Cydni's School of Dance - CSD
Dancing From Our Hearts 
This dance program provides dance education to children with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. The students will participate in dance class each week at no cost to their families. 
"Dancing From Our Hearts", is a creative program that encourages boys and girls to express themselves through movement. It is designed to help improve core strength, coordination, agility, self-confidence, and social skills in children. Dance allows creative expression, encourages exercise and promotes healthier living. 
When children take part in dance, they are engaged with the world around them. Also, they are more prepared to interact with it, learn from it, and contribute to it. 
**WHY Should You Put Your Child With Special Needs in Dance Class?**
* Dance is a beautiful activity for EVERYONE!
* The class is FUN, and the children can experience different kinds of movement.
* They will benefit from the motor and social skills, self-confidence, and creative expression.
Classes are offered: Tuesdays - 4:00-4:45PM.
Call Us for More Information: (318) 245-6761
"Dance Is For Everyone, and Everyone Should Have A Chance To Dance!"
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